Our Week Day Program

Focus on Success


UEA Cohort Leaders
"push -in" to school classrooms and after school spaces to support teachers and community leaders and to continue their work with UEA boys during the school week. 


During the week, UEA boys recieve enriched academic and social/emotional support, reinforced on Saturday and augmented by special projects, events, and physical activities to further spark creativity under the guidance of UEA educators, mentors, who mirror our boys and maintain a positive safe and exciting learning environment. 

Family engagement includes co-design of student support plans and broad engagement in STEM for all ages through our Hacker Hub project.


Our multidisciplinary learning model uses boys’ high-energy learning styles to create a love of STEM and prepare them to be future leaders. We offer project-based, experiential learning activities, like coding and video game design, leading to higher level thinking to apply STEM to real world settings and maximize learning.