Why Boys?

No greater crisis exists in communities of color than the plight of black and brown boys. These boys are diagnosed with ADHD three times more than girls, and they lose five times the amount of educational hours due to disciplinary actions. Often times, these boys live in communities without male role models or a clear path for future success.

Urban Ed Academy is committed to improving the quality of life in communities of color in San Francisco by eliminating the achievement gap in education. Through our Saturday Academy and work in schools, we supply academic and social supports for the boys that need them most.


A majority of our participants are African American, Latino and Pacific Islander students. The young men that are served by UEA likely fall in impoverished category, and/or are otherwise at-risk of manifesting social, emotional, and/or behavioral problems in school. Despite these trends and social disadvantages UEA aims to provide additional education that will be the catalysis to overcoming these same obstacles for both the participants and their families.

We do this through our two core programs: