Our vision is for every student in the Bay Area and beyond to have one Black male educator in their lifetime.

Our Mission

At Urban Ed Academy, we’re on a mission to ensure every student gets the chance to learn from a Black male educator. We know representation in the classroom is a powerful catalyst for improving educational outcomes for all students. 

Our educator fellowship program, Man the Bay, is all about tackling the obstacles that Black male educators face entering the profession. We recruit, train, house, and support their professional development throughout all 4-years — because students deserve to see themselves in the classroom.

How We
Make It Happen

A good education in the 21st century begins with culturally responsive educators with the skills to develop students into avid learners. Urban Ed programs develop Fellows into committed educators and provides evidence-based learning opportunities for students on their quest for professional and life success.

Intentional educator recruitment, coupled with ongoing coaching, professional development and wraparound support services — which promises well-rounded, informed, and eager educators for all students.

By housing educators in the communities they serve, Urban Ed helps to break down barriers associated with transportation and commuting while also offering consistent financial support to Black local property owners.

SMART+ provides academic and enrichment programs for underrepresented elementary and middle school students. And it serves as a training incubator for select fellows in the Man the Bay program to provide mentorship and project-based learning to middle school students.

The need for Urban Ed

When Black male educators are in the classroom, educational outcomes and school performance improves for all students – including an increase in: 

Representation in the classroom is required to
address inequities in our education system.

The Economic Return of Educator Representation

$250K in returns through increased student lifetime earnings, reduced school turnover costs, and increased spending on rent and consumption in the community.

Investing in 100 fellows would yield
$25M in economic benefits.

Students reached annually

School sites


Our goal is for every San Francisco and Oakland student to have a Black male educator before graduating high school. We are well on our way, join Urban Ed Academy today and help us achieve this goal.

As we near our goal of placing a Black male educator in every Bay Area classroom we’re researching our next move. Reach out to our team to learn more about partnering within the bay area and beyond!