Impact Manager (IM)

Location: Hybrid
Supervisor: Director
Work Periods: Full-Time, 12 month
Direct Supervision Exercised: As Assigned
Role Type: Salaried-Exempt

Position Overview:
The Impact Manager at Urban Ed Academy plays a pivotal role in the Man the Bay Fellowship program and beyond, supporting
the development and success of Fellows. Reporting to the Fellowship Director, the Impact Manager collaborates closely with the
program leadership team to provide guidance, mentorship, and programmatic support. This position requires exceptional
interpersonal skills, a strong understanding of program management, and the ability to build relationships with diverse

The Impact Manager actively contributes to the implementation of data-driven decision-making processes and engages with
internal and external partners to cultivate meaningful relationships, ensuring the program’s effectiveness. They play an integral role
in fostering a supportive and vibrant peer learning community among the Fellows while also providing leadership and guidance to
promote their growth.

We believe that every individual who works at Urban Ed Academy must embody key mindsets and possess foundational skills to
contribute to the organizational leadership of the organization.


● Commitment to and belief in UEA’s mission and vision
● Commitment to the vision of a progressive, socially-just education and is able to inspire others towards that vision
● Solution orientation and belief in supporting others to be the same
● Commitment to an asset-based, capacity-building approach
● Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

Key Responsibilities:

● Program Support and Development:
○ Collaborate with the Fellowship Director to develop, expand, and maintain the Man the Bay Fellowship
program, including engagement strategies, resource allocation, partnership cultivation, and enrollment efforts.
○ Assist in developing and implementing curriculum, materials, and experiential learning opportunities, ensuring
alignment with program objectives and participant needs.
○ Contribute to the recruitment, selection, and admission process of Fellowship candidates, assessing their
suitability for the program.
○ Create and foster a dynamic peer learning community by organizing and facilitating group activities, workshops,
and discussions that promote collaboration and learning.
○ Ensure effective execution of administrative and logistical aspects of the program, including scheduling,
resource management, and communication with participants.
○ Meet with school partners at the start of the year to discuss the focus, structure, and responsibilities involved in
supporting program and professional development.
○ In consultation with the Fellowship Director, develop agendas and oversee facilitation of weekly meetings,
incorporating the following elements: community building, best practice sharing, capacity-building through
professional development; and hosting representatives of other departments to build organizational alignment.
○ Attend monthly team meetings to report out on highlights, concerns, and capacity-building priorities as a team
○ Oversee collection and input of participant and outcome data into UEA internal database
○ Facilitate yearly surveys with fellows to identify programmatic needs and opportunities of participants

● Support Fellows’ Progress and Development:
○ Collaborate with the Fellowship Director and other stakeholders to develop and deliver comprehensive training
programs for Fellows and program staff, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.

○ Serve as a mentor and provide individualized case management support to 8-10 Fellows, monitoring their
progress throughout the program and addressing any challenges or concerns they may encounter.
○ Support the cycle of continuous improvement by providing professional development and instructional support
to participants in analyzing key data indicators.
○ Build and cultivate strong partnerships with teachers, school officials, and other key decision-makers and
stakeholders within the partner school(s).
○ Work closely with school site administrators to monitor Fellows’ on-site performance, providing guidance and
support to enhance their professional growth.
○ Support Fellows in successfully completing credential programs, tracking their milestones, and helping them
achieve their personal and professional goals.
○ Design and facilitate a monthly high-quality Professional Learning Community (PLC) small group, leading
discussions, modeling effective coaching techniques, connections/highlights to resources, skills development,
and change management.
○ Appropriately identify, strategize, and implement support plan(s) for first-year program participants with
routinely scheduled meetings/observations: weekly check-ins during July & August; Bi-Weekly check-ins during
September-December, Monthly check-ins from January to June

● Stakeholder Engagement and Relationships:
○ Build and maintain relationships with partner organizations, school districts, and school site staff to support
progress monitoring and identify professional development opportunities for Fellows.
○ Collaborate with cross-functional teams to support program development, communications, and community
engagement efforts, fostering a collaborative and cohesive program environment.
○ Act as a point of contact for Man the Bay inquiries, responding to inquiries, providing information, and offering
support to interested parties.
○ Represent Urban Ed Academy at community meetings and events, promoting the program and fostering
partnerships with external stakeholders.
○ Manage the implementation of a school partnership agreement.

● Data Management and Reporting:
○ Contribute to the development and management of a comprehensive data collection, organization, and analysis
process, ensuring accurate and reliable data.
○ Assist in implementing systems and tools to effectively track and manage program data, ensuring compliance
with relevant privacy regulations.
○ Collaborate with the Fellowship Director and internal teams to analyze program data, identify trends, measure
outcomes, and assess program effectiveness.
○ Contribute to the preparation and presentation of regular reports to key stakeholders, highlighting program
metrics and providing valuable insights.

Qualifications and Skills:
● Bachelor’s degree in education, social work, or a related field is required.
● At least five (5) years of education experience in a public-school setting preferred, or a related field.
● Previous program and/or project management experience is strongly preferred
● Strong organizational and communication skills, with the ability to effectively convey information to diverse audiences.
● Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines, and adapt to changing circumstances.
● Experience with data collection, reporting, and utilizing technology for program assessment.
● Knowledge of program evaluation methodologies and metrics.
● Knowledge of the range of PK-12 instructional frameworks and curriculum is strongly preferred.
● Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team.
● Ability to support an inclusive, positive and high-performing culture
● Ability to take ownership in the day-to-day and overall success of the organization
● Ability to think critically, use sound judgment and problem solve
● Ability to work independently and proactively and to seek support and guidance when appropriate
● Strong organizational and time management skills, with an ability to prioritize competing projects in a fast-paced, fluid
● Effective collaboration with individuals at all levels of the organization
● Respect, humility and discretion to work effectively with all stakeholders, including colleagues, families, and members of
the community
● Strong self-awareness and ability to reflect