Our Model

Building equity in education
through representative Black leadership
in and around schools and communities.

Urban Ed Academy is committed to developing a data-driven, multi-level approach to motivate, recruit, train, and support Black men into the teaching profession.

Man the Bay fellows receive:
  • culturally-responsive training
  • mentors of color
  • and personalized coaching and guidance preparing them to serve San Francisco students.

Behind the scenes, Urban Ed Academy also works to ensure that fellows are housed by Black homeowners, providing new income sources in rapidly gentrifying Black communities across the Bay Area. Fellows also give their time to Urban Ed Academy’s community programs where they continue building relationships with San Francisco’s Black students, family and communities.

Putting these approaches together, the resulting model generates academic, societal and economic benefits as a result of intentionally embedding Black male teachers.

Increase Black Male Teachers

Positively impacts academics for Black students and benefits all students

Man the Bay Fellowship

Man the Bay will provide every Black student in San Francisco with at least one Black male teacher before 6th grade, thereby decreasing dropout rates, increasing college matriculation, and significantly improving math and reading achievement. These teachers will also help all students eliminate racial bias and develop more diverse networks

Immerse in the Community

Prepares Black male teachers to be student & community advocates

Community Education Programs

Longstanding and new UEA programs such as SMART Saturday, Green Hacker Hub, Community Hub and UEA TV serve the dual purpose of providing academic and social enrichment and support to underrepresented students, while also incubating Man the Bay teacher fellows with community-centric and culturally-responsive experiences

Invest in the Community

Incentivizes Black property owners to house Black male teachers

Man the Bay Housing Program

Housing subsidies provide rent revenue to Black homeowners who have the capacity to house Man the Bay fellows. Urban Ed Academy also works to help Black homeowners secure capital investment if they have space on their property to build housing units. In exchange, present and future Man the Bay cohorts have access to dependable housing.

The Economic Return of Teacher Representation

$125k investment covers the cost of one fellow over four years

$250K in returns through increased student lifetime earnings, reduced school turnover costs, and increased spending on rent and consumption in the community.

Investing in 100 fellows would yield $25M in economic benefits.

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